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Coaches Background Check FAQ

1. To whom does this apply?

The required background checks apply to all adults wishing to coach in youth programs sponsored by Grand Ledge Youth Baseball. This includes first time coaches and as well as returning coaches.

2. Do I have to be checked even if I passed a criminal background check at an earlier time in my life or as a condition of my employment? 

Yes. All individuals, including law enforcement and military, must be checked prior to each season.

3. What happens if an individual does not wish to be checked? 

The individual will not be allowed to coach in programs sponsored by the Grand Ledge PONY Baseball/Softball league.

4. Who processes the criminal background checks? 

The League President submits the names of coaching candidates to the MI State Police system.

5. What criminal convictions will disqualify me from coaching in the Grand Ledge PONY program?

The following convictions are automatic disqualifiers: homicides, sexual offenses, robbery, theft, assaults, endangering, kidnapping and controlled dangerous substances.

6. Does this law apply to me if I was charged but not convicted of a crime?

No. For an individual to be disqualified, they must have a record of conviction.

7. Is my criminal history released or revealed to any person or agency?

No. The result of the background check is reported to the applicant and the Coaches Selection Committee as either 'passed' or 'failed' based on the disqualifiers listed in #5.

8. How can I obtain a copy of the report of my criminal background check? 

You can obtain a copy of your criminal background from the Michigan State Police.

9. Will I be disqualified from coaching if my criminal background check reveals a minor offense such as shoplifting or a misdemeanor drug offense that took place many years ago? 

Any individual who is disqualified from coaching due to a criminal conviction can file an appeal with the League President. After reviewing the report and hearing the appeal, the League President may permit the individual to coach. If the League President denies the appeal, the individual may request a formal hearing before the Board of Directors.

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